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PRA is your one-stop-shop for expert assistance in all areas of technical project management.

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If you need to consistently execute successful projects, there is no substitute for employing proven project management techniques. Attempting to complete a project without competent project management is like trying to build a house without any blueprints; you may be able to do it, but you probably won't be happy with the results.

Today, many companies find themselves short-handed when it comes to having sufficient qualified project managers on staff. Even more common is the situation where employees are thrust into the role of project manager on one or more projects without any formal training. This condition isn't fair to either the company or the ill-prepared employee as the odds are then stacked against the project being delivered as specified, on time, and within budget.

Some companies have never used project management for their projects and leave this function to their vendors. Although this strategy may occasionally work, most companies discover that this is not a substitute for maintaining your own PM control.

We fully understand these situations and can help you directly with your projects. If you need to set up in-house project management capabilities, we can expertly create a Project Management Office (PMO) for you. Or, we can upgrade your current staff's PM competence level by teaching necessary skills for all levels of project managers, from the novice to the seasoned professional.

In addition, our specialized Publishers Division serves as a resource for publishers in the areas of revenue stream enhancement, profit maximization, technology assistance, market presence, business model analysis and production efficiency from strategy through implementation.

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